Choose dress gently down the street

(Zing) - Friendly Competition Miss Charming 21st century students Dieu Thuy share the secret to his girlfriend for the love of gentle femininity.

With faces bright with the ability to choose the right dress to impress in every situation, when events occur, she used to own many titles as Miss beauty contest Friendly Charming students 21st century in 2009, the title of Miss Ao Dai contest Beauty Cherry blossoms in 2010 ... very confident in the ability to advise his costume. Along with stylist GIGO, Dieu Thuy brings you the advice not to be missed. According to Dieu Thuy, this season, light dresses or leopard skin texture, tiny flowers with gentle gradients and harmony that are suitable for her.
 Leopard skin dress patterns with soft gradients, smooth black belts created an accent, a lovely girl like this would be the guy watching and admiring.
 Gentle style layers, small flower motifs lithium charming girls can fully confident dressed like this to go out, meet friends.
 Images made with the assistance of expert makeup make-up to provide housing for Pretty Girl costume.
Photo: Khoi Pham
Stylist: GIGO

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