Little momentum tone dresses Pleiades

(Zing) - Light and graceful feminine style right, the costumes Pleiades or stratified, multiple layers are interesting suggestions from "bat beauty" Tea Perfume for young women.

 Type hugging short dress with graceful folds of fabric impressive. This outfit the girls show off designs, tapered legs and is contraindicated with her because she had confidence in his legs defects.
 The interlocking spiral is very interesting. This style dress for her slender shoulders to have advantages within a smart breeze.
 She was gentle, modest, that hint of Tea Perfume for young women of this type.Known with the title "racquet beauty" with 38 achievement medals (gold, silver, copper) from the National league to local, Huong Tra currently retired professional sports to dominate over film and music. She starred in the movie Jade Jade trum Supermodel blow .
 The costume is not impressive rewind rua for her cowardly. According to Huong Tra, the personality and the impression will get you girls are so unique and impressive in the party. This dress is a hint.
 Tube dress style feather light, striking colors to help her become sweet and appealing.
 Gentle suggestion for her is big. Cascading style dresses lace material is one of the costumes are popular Asian youth.
 Fear Pictures done with support of expert makeup make-up Japan Tuan, Beautiful & Single costume shop.
Photo: Le Thien Vien
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