Colorful welcome the summer sun

A new season is coming full of energy, full of life coming to the momentum, but her tone personality, confidence in the striking dress, full of charm.

The last cold days coming over, goodbye shirts stomach or life jacket to a big, only the over-size with a jumper, cardigan or thin glass vitage summer dress out for you to go to the beautiful costumes out fresh vibrant city without too many different layers.
The bright colors are used instead of the boring colors of deep winter, and also softer clothes with skirts, lace blouses or feminine map. Surely you will stand out from the crowd and kick up confidence in full summer sun with blue dress, red, orange, bright dot ball. And of course women will not be ignored or hat scarf patterns sedge looks really nice and respect your individuality.
Here are some suggestions for you to mix summer map:

(Zing) -  

Photo: Anh Vu
Stylist: Enrique

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